Friday, May 27, 2016

Futbol for a great cause!!!

This Tuesday I attended the BBVA Compass Charities Cup. It was a friendly game Houston Dynamo VS Real Sociedad. Real Sociedad from La Liga of Spain has been touring around the country and of course had to visit our great city!!!
The BBVA Compass Charities Cup is an annual event that brings international teams to Houston to raise money for charity. A portion of the proceeds from this years match will benefit Pursuit for those with disABILITIES bicycle ride, a 3,500-mile cross country trek to raise money and awareness for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Event though this event has concluded you can still donate click link it you would love to learn how: you can also follow them on Facebook

It was a lovely night a with the hubby. We were in the West club and had a beautiful view!!! We had several drinks since they had pregame happy hour. The game was really an eye opener in to what we aspire to see from the Houston Dynamo trough out the season. They gave it their all and we where able to enjoy a very entertaining game. The game proceeded to penalties after staying 3-3 in regular plus added time. The game was won by the Houston Dynamo decided by penalties!!

If you have the chance to be seated in the west club do it!!! What a view!!!

painting of Giles Barnes by Houston Local artist GONZO247

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Taco Tuesday? Order#8

Kaka one of the greatest players ever!!!! MLS has the pleasure to have him!! Every encounter he has with the ball is pure magic. Currently a Midfielder for Orlando City FC. The Brazilian national  Ricardo Kaka was signed to Orlando FC in 2014 but was on a loan to his first club Sao Paulo. He Returned to Orlando in 2015 and scored in his first match against Dallas FC on a friendly. Kaka scored the first goal in Orlando FC's competitive history. He his a great distance scorer and creative player. His great vision and passing abilities comes to great help for his teammates. He has also graced the cover for FIFA11, FIFA12,and FIFA16. On July 5,2015 he received his FIRST straight red card in his Career!!!
That says a lot for a player with 15yrs of professional Soccer in the books. Was it a red card? No I don't believe it was. Sorry Kaka

Pic from Instagram: @Kaka

 I have encountered Kaka it was a magical day!!! March 13,2015. I can tell you that I was borderline crying. Unfortunetly I wasn't able to get a picture with him but after waiting a while outside BBVA Compass stadium I was lucky to get his autograph. Among the excitement and chaos I accidentaly smeared the fresh autograph!!! I was mad and devastated!! I hope one day I can take a decent picture with this legend.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Copa America 2016 in Houston!!

Copa America Centenario estara en la ciudad espacial the Houston,Tx donde se disputaran Tres partidos!!!! Be a part of history!!! The cup will be Played at NRG Stadium with these three games:
Sat. June 11,2016 8pm Colombia VS Costa Rica
Mon. June 13,2016  7pm Mexico VS Venezuela
Tues. June 21,2016 Semifinals (Match 25 Winner VS Match 27 winner)
Don't miss out on this once of lifetime experience,
Want more information on Copa America Centenario and the teams click the link
Its here!!

2016 Marks the 100th time Copa America has been played it is the oldest International Continental Football competition!!! It is also the first time played in outside of South America. 32matches will be played throughout 10 cities in the USA Beginning June 3-26, 2016. So aren't we lucky to have this prestigious cup in our city!!!!

Look at my excitement!!!
Disclosure: Not a compensated post.
I had the opportunity to ride along with the cup and Houstons Metro Rail!!!! Fue un viaje rapido I comodo. Metro Rail stops at various points around the city one including NRG Stadium avoid the hassle of parking and ride Metro Rail. Don't know the Routes don't worry they know have phone app. The Metro a phone app allow you to plan a trip and buy ticket fares. Its so easy and convenient!! Learn more at
Download Qcard app for android:

Download Qcard App for IPhone:https:

Plan your trip with the T.R.I.P.P App:

 Houston's light rail has a stop at NRG Stadium and with trains coming every 12mins and a fare of $1.25 it is a great option!!!

You can also keep updated on their Facebook page go give it a Like!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Taco Tuesday? Order #7

Its been pretty gloomy here in Houston so lets cheer up with this cutie!! Benny Feilhaber!!!

Benny/photoshoot for

Midfielder for Sporting Kansas City and previously for the USMNT. Benny was born in Brazil but moved to the US at the age of 6. He is has been playing with Sporting Kansas City since the 2013 Season. He is a natural comedian which you can truly appreciate on his show "The Benny Feilhaber Show".He has mad lip syncing skills and why not great dance moves.

Unfortunately he has not continued uploading new episodes. Which I really hope he does it is a great way to see the interaction with other soccer players.
Benny had a great 2015 season with Sporting he scored 10 Goals and had 15 assist. He also received All-Star recognition in MLS for the first time. He was also nominated for the 2015 Landon Donovan MLS MVP Award.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Taco Tuesday? Order#6

This taco Tuesday I bring to you our Homegrown player Tyler Deric. He is a true inspiration and a great example that dreams do come true. He is the first Homegrown player signed to the Houston Dynamo and the 2nd in the leagues history to be called to the first team. A Homegrown player in the MLS is a local player signed from the academy directly to the MLS.

Deric was signed to the Dynamo in 2009 and assigned as 3rd Goalkeeper. That being said you can just imagine the wait!!! At the time of his signing Pat Onstad was 1st Goalkeeper for the Dynamo followed by Tally Hall. Maybe everything does happen for a reason it gave him the opportunity to learn from two great Goalkeepers.

For the misfortune of Deric he had trouble with the law in 2012 in which he was held in containment for "assaulting and off duty officer " (all charges where dismissed). I only bring this up because according to Deric that was a wake up call for him. He admits on MLS insider that he realized everything he had worked for could be gone in an instant. Since that incident he has worked and strived for the best. He had waited patiently for his turn when at the end of the 2014 season he was called to guard the goal!! He his currently the 1st Goalie for the Houston Dynamo and in my opinion (crossing fingers) is on the road to become the goalie for the USMNT!! why not? one of the greatest of the MLS!!

One of my personal favorite saves from Deric. (video from
Not only is it a beautiful save but I can just imagine the jitters he must of had!!! Deric is only a year older than me and growing up I have followed Kakas career and idolize him. Just the thought of being in the same building as him makes me want to cry. I imagine Tyler feels the same and he didn't let the nerves consume him and this is the outcome!!!

Friday, May 6, 2016


Lets talk Disciplinary committee decisions. There has been several decisions made that have me wondering are all these reviews necessary? I feel like these reviews are affecting the dynamics of the game. Yes some reviews are necessary for example the suspension of Nigel de Jong of the LA Galaxy for the tackle he committed on Portland's Nagbe in round 5. I have also noticed other similar "offenses" where the players"endangered the safety of the opponent" one resulted in a fine and another in a suspension and fine. Which brings me to ask are these plays being measured with the same stick?

In my opinion the MLS should have more experienced Referee's that can make the call on site. I also put my self in their shoes and know that every call will not be right. But just leave it as that!!! There is also a "mistaken identity" that was revised on week 6 Columbus Crew vs New York City FC where the red card should have been issued to Tyson Whal but was given to Michael Parkhurst. The Disciplinary Committee decided to retract the suspension from Parkhurst and give it to Whal. Wasn't it the refs poor decision? If the correct player has now been suspended should the referee also be held accountable? Its not only the central referee they are assisted by sideline referees and still cant get it right. I get it they are front row of beautiful plays and can easily get distracted!!! 

It also feels as the players and coaches cannot give their opinion for the fear of repercussions. I could go on and on but as the weeks continue the more cases I see at this rate the discipline tab at will need a website of its own.In this post full of questions what are your thoughts on the subject? 

On another note I attended a Happy Hour event on Tuesday At BBVA Compass stadium here are some Pics

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Taco Tuesday? Order #5

So who do we have here? La Hormiga ATOMICA!!! That's a cool nickname right!!! Sebastian "The Atomic Ant" Giovinco is an Italian Forward/Midfielder. He currently plays for Toronto FC and the Italian National team. With a Height of 5'4"  he is the designated player for Toronto FC. He was obtained from Juventus team in the Serie A of Italy(I bet they want him back lol) in 2015. Since coming to the MLS he has brought magic to the game and it has not been left unseen and appreciated. He has won awards for MLS new comer of the year, MLS MVP and MLS Golden boot. He is such a  fun player to watch. He has become a great asset for the MLS with beautiful soccer that encourages other players to play with the same passion. I believe he has exposed our soccer to players in other leagues and hopefully encourage young European players to come and play in our league.

Pic from Instagram:@sebagiovincoofficial