Friday, June 23, 2017

Smooth Summer with Camellia Alise:Review

I recently attended the #Rizosontheroad event in Houston,Tx which is an event that empowers women with natural hair. Check for their next stop here:rizosontheroad In that  fun event they had a drawing and luckily enough I won one of the prizes. I won the Camellia Alise "Bold Start" system. I was pretty excited to see that it was a all natural brand since at the time i was fighting off an allergic reaction to a deodorant. My skin was broken and irritated and didn't want to put anything with chemicals on. I off course want to be comfortable in this Texas heat so it is important to have clean underarms for the cute tank tops and cheering for the Dynamo and Astros.

Im going to be honest the first time I used the products i wasn't too fond of the fragrance not because they smell bad. I think my brain was expecting artificial berry smell. The fragrance is very subtle and fresh and once i used it a second time I loved it. The "Sleek Glide" Luxury shaving cream was also a surprise because it is not foamy like most shaving creams rather rich and creamy. The consistency allows for a sleek glide just as its name suggests. It also provided me with the much needed moisture that in my opinion helped with the scaly situation that was going on. The "Bold Start" scrub has just enough exfoliation to remove dead skin and at the same time gentle leaving no irritation. 

Slick finish oil, Sleek Glide Luxury shavig cream, Bold start scrub

I try to use as many "clean" products in my daily lifestyle and for shaving my legs I wasn't doing my best. When I first started shaving my legs as a teen I cut myself so deeply that you could see my bone (eek) i refused to put another razor near my legs again, I started using a cream that obviously is full of hair burning chemicals. Since my underarms were doing so good I overcame my fear and tried the Camellia Alise products on my legs, they are looking more radiant and softer than ever. Texas heat here I come.

Another plus to the amazing Camellia Alise products is that they are a local business founded by Girl power. The products are Unisex. They are Paraben and Sulfate Free.

Here is a Shaving Guide from Camellia Alise:

  1. Soak your selected area
  2. Exfoliate Gently
  3. Apply the shave cream
  4. Use a fresh razor blade
  5. Shave slowly
  6. Lightly dry your freshly shaven skin
  7. Apply post shave oil
I definitely recommend Camellia Alise my skin is doing much better than before. I have peace of mind that fewer chemicals are on my body. I cannot wait to get their new Beard Oil for my husband!!!

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* I won the products. Opinions to any reviews will always be true and honest.