Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Taco Tuesday? Order #5

So who do we have here? La Hormiga ATOMICA!!! That's a cool nickname right!!! Sebastian "The Atomic Ant" Giovinco is an Italian Forward/Midfielder. He currently plays for Toronto FC and the Italian National team. With a Height of 5'4"  he is the designated player for Toronto FC. He was obtained from Juventus team in the Serie A of Italy(I bet they want him back lol) in 2015. Since coming to the MLS he has brought magic to the game and it has not been left unseen and appreciated. He has won awards for MLS new comer of the year, MLS MVP and MLS Golden boot. He is such a  fun player to watch. He has become a great asset for the MLS with beautiful soccer that encourages other players to play with the same passion. I believe he has exposed our soccer to players in other leagues and hopefully encourage young European players to come and play in our league.

Pic from Instagram:@sebagiovincoofficial

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