Monday, July 1, 2019

Saving money at the ballpark

Did you know you can take your own food/snacks to the Astros game at Minute Maid Park? Well yes you can.  Going to the games a couple of times a month can add up real quick. Dont get me wrong I love ballpark food but this season i want to be more mindful on what we spend and eat. I will be linking the stadium rules below but to give you a quick round up. Food can be taken inside the stadium if it fits in a 1 gallon clear bag. Water can also be taken in as long as it has not been opened. Up to one liter per person. 
click here for Guidelines

This particular day I brought in some ham and cheese sandwiches because the previous time we had went we got the girls a chicken tender basket and they didn't eat one bite. I knew that was something they would eat, keep in mind that some games we get there early for batting practice so we can be at the stadium for more than a couple of hrs. As a parent it can be frustrating when the kids don't eat. Besides the sandwiches I brought in some chips and their favorite cherry's and blueberry's. For Ever and I some cucumbers with tajin it was the perfect snack. 

We don't always bring healthier options. Some days all we bring is a gallon bag full of candy and cookies. When i was pregnant i used to bring whataburger hey dont judge lol. We have never had a problem.

I mentioned that you can bring sealed water in and a great tip is to take it kinda frozen since it can be pretty hot sometimes perfect way to stay cool.

If you are going to be a designated driver you can get a voucher for a free small soda near section 104. Thanks Budweiser for rewarding designated drivers.

I thoroughly enjoy that Minute Maid allows fans to do this because is so convenient for families and for people with dietary needs. Have you taken in food before? I will be posting  on my IG everytime i take something in.