Monday, June 27, 2016


The Copa America Centenario has come to an end with Chile taking the win over Argentina. The game went to extra time and then to penalties!!. The shootout ended in a 4-2. It was a sad ending for the "Greatest Player of All Time" Lionel Messi. He stood there in that small circle in the middle of the box, he kicked and the ball rose up and up as everyone watched in aww. I personally felt a punch to my stomach. I cant imagine what he is feeling. Messi has given an interview right after the game in which he said "creo que no es para mi" in which he is referring to the Argentina National Team. Messi was then asked if he was going to represent that jersey again and went to say "creo que no". I still have mixed feelings about his decision which might have been in the heat of the moment. Now lets take it back to about a week ago The Semifinals!!!

As a Futbol fanatic I was more than excited to know that three matches of this prestigious cup where going to be played in my hometown of Houston,Tx. As a non working mom and wife I was saddened by the prices of tickets to the games. I didn't plan to attend to any of the games for the reason stated above but since Ever (the hubby) knows the way to my heart he got the tickets to the Semifinal match USA vs Argentina!!!! Wow what a surprise. It was bittersweet knowing that the greatest player of all time Leonel Messi was going to be a few feet away from me but playing against my country!!!

Waiting for the train!!

It was a Tuesday. The Traffic to the game was going to be intense due to NRG Stadium being close to the Medical Center. We decided to take the Metrorail to the stadium it was the best decision!!! It was 7:18pm when we where ready to get on the train which made us a little nervous since kickoff for the game was scheduled to 8:05pm. The ride to the stadium was a breeze we took the redline from downtown which has a stop right at a gate entrance to NRG Stadium. We made it just in time!!!! We saved ourselves the hassle of looking and paying for parking.

Once inside the energy was what I expected. It was a full house 70,858 fans in attendance to be exact. Breaking a record of assistance in a Futbol game at NRG Stadium!!!! In which I can now proudly say I was there!!! The game unfortunetly didn't go well for the USMNT. Argentina took the win with a score of 0-4. One of those goals was magical Messi took a freekick and scored it was pure magic it is also probably the last goal scored by Messi with the Argentina jersey since his announcement to retire from the national team. I didnt celebrate this beautiful goal my heart ached for the USMNT and their loss. I was divided in half my country and the presence of a legend.

The ride home seemed like forever but with company of the fellow fans that had witnessed the defeat of the USMNT we had time to reflect on the Beautiful game played at NRG Stadium. Till we meet again Copa America.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer of Futbol!!

Its been some busy weeks for Futbol!!! Yes I know I have been a little MIA but being a mom of a 4yr old and a 4mth old can get pretty busy. Copa America is being hosted in the US if you didn't already know. I have been enjoying the games!!! Which ones have you watched?!!!

Have you attended a viewing party? Viewing parties are fun!!! If you cant make it to the stadium but still want to be surrounded by the excitement I suggest you look for one and go. I attended to viewing party for the game of Argentina VS Panama which resulted in a 5-0 game in favor of Argentina. I had a few drinks and awesome food by a local Food truck called Muiishi Makirritos Japanese Fusion. I love it when I get the opportunity to enjoy new foods. Soccer is a great way to learn about different places, cultures, foods many of the reasons I love this game!!!

Creamy Smoked Salmon Tempura Roll

Hot Mess Fries

It was a difficult decision!!!
A Semifinal game will be played here in Houston the first team to qualify for semifinals is the USA team who is waiting for their opponent. It will be one the most important soccer games  played at NRG Stadium. The possible opponent for this match is Argentina or Venezuela. If you are in Houston I would like to invite you to make as much noise and support our teams let everyone know that this city loves Futbol!!!