Thursday, April 19, 2018

Review: Hunter X Target

I have seen mixed reviews about the Hunter X Target collection. I personally was divided since in person I didn't like what I had my eyes on. I did like other stuff which of course I had to get.

I was most interested in getting a backpack that could double as a diaper bag. As you might now I attend sports events often and having a practical "diaper bag" is essential. Hunter is a brand designed for outdoor performance and in Houston we can have all 4 seasons in one day. At the stadium I want to have the comfort of setting my bag under the seat and not have to worry about spilling a drink and getting the contents of my bag wet. The backpack is wipe able and waterproof. Sleek but with enough space to bring the necessary items for my toddler. I chose to get the small navy backpack ($35) which is a perfect unisex color that my husband can carry.

For days that I need something smaller I got the medium orange large pouch bag that is perfect for Astros and  Dynamo games. I couldn't pass it up since it was only $9. I also had to get the small black pouch bag perfect for running errands. Phone and wallet fit perfectly and it was only $6. 

Now one of my unexpected purchase was this Grey rain jacket ($40). It is not a matted grey in sunlight you can see some shift to it and if you get up close you can see some sparkle. It is not glitter since it is unisex and at the release various male employees had it on and it didn't look girly. It is very soft but seems durable. The rain jacket comes with a small bag of the same material and color for storing. Will definitely carry this rain jacket in my car for rainy or windy days.

The one item that I'm not sure if I want to keep yet is the toddler rain boots for my little Bella the boots seem a little thicker than the regular Hunter boots. For little ones I think it should be all about comfort. I haven't gotten around to trying them on her but that just show that the interest is not there. The colors on the boots are cute nonetheless. Most of the items are already sold out. The Women's tall boots are the only ones that didn't make a debut and are pending a new release date (that's if they do release them). Did you get any of the Hunter X Target items? What did you think of the quality?