Friday, May 6, 2016


Lets talk Disciplinary committee decisions. There has been several decisions made that have me wondering are all these reviews necessary? I feel like these reviews are affecting the dynamics of the game. Yes some reviews are necessary for example the suspension of Nigel de Jong of the LA Galaxy for the tackle he committed on Portland's Nagbe in round 5. I have also noticed other similar "offenses" where the players"endangered the safety of the opponent" one resulted in a fine and another in a suspension and fine. Which brings me to ask are these plays being measured with the same stick?

In my opinion the MLS should have more experienced Referee's that can make the call on site. I also put my self in their shoes and know that every call will not be right. But just leave it as that!!! There is also a "mistaken identity" that was revised on week 6 Columbus Crew vs New York City FC where the red card should have been issued to Tyson Whal but was given to Michael Parkhurst. The Disciplinary Committee decided to retract the suspension from Parkhurst and give it to Whal. Wasn't it the refs poor decision? If the correct player has now been suspended should the referee also be held accountable? Its not only the central referee they are assisted by sideline referees and still cant get it right. I get it they are front row of beautiful plays and can easily get distracted!!! 

It also feels as the players and coaches cannot give their opinion for the fear of repercussions. I could go on and on but as the weeks continue the more cases I see at this rate the discipline tab at will need a website of its own.In this post full of questions what are your thoughts on the subject? 

On another note I attended a Happy Hour event on Tuesday At BBVA Compass stadium here are some Pics

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