Thursday, August 3, 2017

TopGolf- Katy experience

I love to go to new places but it can be a little overwhelming when you do not  know what to expect. Hispanicize Tx was last weekend and has part of the festivities some of the bloggers/Influencers were hosted at Topgolf.
 I was pretty excited because I had always been curious of the grand netting surrounding the facility and the bright lights when I passed by at night. 

Upon arriving you are greeted and directed by their "bay host". The Hispanicize group consisted of Men, Women and kids of all ages. Some where experienced golfers and some like me had no experience. Dont worry if you dont have experience and would like tips or need a class they do offer them starting at $29. Miguel (Katy location) came over to our bay and did just that, he showed me how to hold the stick; Is that what you call it? He also showed me the correct stance. I did get to hit the ball previous the tips from Miguel and it was such a difference.

My team consisted of Independent Mami- Alba and her family. We had a little competition with the rest of the influencers that where in groups in different bays. Im not going to lie we where having so much fun we forgot it was a competition. My team scored 270pts if I recall correctly thanks to Lupe, I only scored 20pts. I was definitely surprised we won 2nd place!!

Our bay host brought out appetizers and drinks which made the experience more fun because you don't have to stop playing to order. I had a refreshing margarita and soft drinks thought out the game service was fast. The food was great very flavorful and cooked just right. Their menu is extensive I'm pretty sure you will find what you are craving.

Here are some observations I made:

  • You can book your bay online (recommended)Topgolf Houston-Katy
  • Balls have personalized microchips that track your scores.
  • You do not need your own clubs. Topgolf has Men, Women and kid clubs but you are more than welcomed to bring your own.
  • Bays are climate controlled.
  • Seating for up to six people in each bay. If you go in bigger groups I suggest to book bays next to each other. Seating is very comfortable.
  • Great Hospitality
  • Regardless of your experience with golf you will have a good time!!

I cant wait to go back. I would really like to go during the night to have a feel of the night atmosphere and maybe walk around a bit more because I was having so much fun i forgot to check out the top level. Have you been to Topgolf? If you have any questions about my experice feel free to ask!! Thank you Topgolf and Hispanicize for the invitation.


  1. How fun!! We've never been I think the kids would love it!

  2. We love Top Golf! Great to see you at the Hispanicize event, keep in touch!