Sunday, January 26, 2020


January 26 will now be remembered as the day one of the greatest to play the game of basketball passed away. it will be one of those days that unfortunately we will ask what you were doing when you heard the news? 

We had just finished our pancakes and watching short films from Disney. We then realize it was already time to tune in to the Rockets vs Nuggets game. I then see Kobe's stats go up with a sad song in the background. Why are they playing that sad song? its not like he has passed. RIP KOBE runs across the screen.
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I look at my phone and there it is. I couldn't stop thinking about his precious family. I then see that his daughter was on board as well. This news has hit me hard. i cannot phantom what Vanessa Bryant is going trough not only losing her husband but her daughter too. it been a very sad afternoon.

Im pretty sure everyone knows who Kobe was (wow writing about him in past tense was hard) but as a sports fan it hits a little different. He has done a lot for the game of basketball he has influenced the younger generation of players. not only basketball but all sports. He was the true meaning of grit and dedication that we shall aspire to be. He lived by The Mamba Mentality: "to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself"-Kobe

As a Houston Rockets fan you learn real quick that the Lakers is the enemy. So there was definitely times when i have booed Kobe. But once he was out of the court playing against us the story was different. I admired what he did for the game. The exposure he brought to the game of futbol. How he embraced his wife's nationality. How he learned various languages to connect with more people. How he embraced learning in general. I specially admired the dedication he had for his family.

20 seasons he gave to the NBA so has many people that don't watch sports might say he was just an athlete why are they giving him that much attention. He was not only an athlete he was a philanthropist a model to the youth and the community. I would always think to myself I cant wait to see what the WNBA will look in a couple of years. His daughter Gianna was basketball player and with the 
encouragement that Kobe gave her i always thought that he was going to make it as to where it was equal as the mens league. Theres more i could write but my heart is heavy. The world lost a Legend today.

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