Friday, June 17, 2016

Summer of Futbol!!

Its been some busy weeks for Futbol!!! Yes I know I have been a little MIA but being a mom of a 4yr old and a 4mth old can get pretty busy. Copa America is being hosted in the US if you didn't already know. I have been enjoying the games!!! Which ones have you watched?!!!

Have you attended a viewing party? Viewing parties are fun!!! If you cant make it to the stadium but still want to be surrounded by the excitement I suggest you look for one and go. I attended to viewing party for the game of Argentina VS Panama which resulted in a 5-0 game in favor of Argentina. I had a few drinks and awesome food by a local Food truck called Muiishi Makirritos Japanese Fusion. I love it when I get the opportunity to enjoy new foods. Soccer is a great way to learn about different places, cultures, foods many of the reasons I love this game!!!

Creamy Smoked Salmon Tempura Roll

Hot Mess Fries

It was a difficult decision!!!
A Semifinal game will be played here in Houston the first team to qualify for semifinals is the USA team who is waiting for their opponent. It will be one the most important soccer games  played at NRG Stadium. The possible opponent for this match is Argentina or Venezuela. If you are in Houston I would like to invite you to make as much noise and support our teams let everyone know that this city loves Futbol!!!

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